We pride ourselves for applying only the highest standard for all our products to best serve our customer


PT. Toyogiri Iron Steel is one of the biggest mill in Indonesia that has the capability to process scrap all the way till reinforcement bars, giving us the competitve advantage in terms of low conversion costs and quality assurance for our products.

Our products are widely used in the local construction industry, mainly for residential and commercial buildings. We constantly improve our efficiency and productivity through the use of state-of-the-art technology and best practice manufacturing processes.


To be the leading steel company in Indonesia that provides comprehensive solutions for the construction industry


  1. To lead in efficiency and productivity through technology and best practice processes
  2. To enhance value to customers through competitive pricing, high product quality, and prompt delivery
  3. To broaden our product range and penetrate new markets
  4. To nurture our people by ensuring safe working place, fostering teamwork, and developing leadership skill
  5. To safeguard the environment by conserving energy and minimizing pollution

Production Process

Quality Control

1. Spectrometer
Throughout the refining process, molten steel samples are taken periodically and processed in the spectrometer to ensure that the right chemical composition has been achieved.

2. Universal Testing Machine
Samples of reinforcement bars are taken and measured using the universal testing machine for its mechanical properties.
*Image 1 - Bend Test and Image 3 - Pull Test

Project Reference

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